Famous Marine Corps Drill Instructors

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Many Marine Corps Drill Instructors have achieved fame over the last few decades. Movies and television have brought big screen exposure to the United States Marine Corps in general and Drill Instructors in particular. People around the world are interested in Marine Corps Drill Instructors.

SSgt. Nichols believes that the men and women who have endured the challenge to graduate from Drill Instructor School and wear the Campaign Cover are noteworthy. Recently, SSgt. Nichols gave his Moto Entertainment team a new task: to find Marine Corps Drill Instructors who have captured footage of their Drill Instructor days.

The purpose is to provide Drill Instructors a place to send in their DI footage to be edited and promoted. The plan is to provide a hub at and affiliate online entities for Marine Corps Drill Instructors to show their contribution in training future service members.

If you or anyone you know owns Marine Corps Drill Instructor video material, Moto Entertainment would like to view, edit and promote their footage. Our goal is to bring the Past, Present and Future Marine Corps and those that support our freedom together. “Connect the Corps” together and show the world how Marines train future Marines.


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