Marine Corps Recruit Training (Boot Camp)

Very few people have what it takes to become a Marine.

If you or someone you know is thinking of joining the United States Marine Corps, consider the decision very carefully. The Marine Corps is the most selective of the military branches in this country and while many people try to become Marines, many people fail.

You have to be mentally and physically ready in order to make it through Marine Corps Boot Camp. The Drill Instructors are preparing the next generation of Marines and no Drill Instructor will allow anyone who does not have what it takes, to pass Recruit Training.

If you go to Boot Camp, there are big consequences for failing. If you are not in proper physical shape, you could spend months in remedial training, staying in limbo while your fellow recruits move on and graduate.

If your mind is not ready to handle everything the Drill Instructors throw your way, you could eventually wash out of Boot Camp, but not before spending additional months waiting to be processed out.

And if you do fail?

You carry failure with you for the rest of your life.

SSgt. Nichols Can Help

Over the years, SSgt. Nichols and his staff have fielded numerous questions from people about to join the Marine Corps. Eventually, he decided to put all the advice about Boot Camp into Black Friday, an eBook that walks you through Recruit Training from start to finish.

Black Friday
Black Friday features information on Boot Camp including:
  • The First 24 hours
  • Drill Instructors
  • Surviving the Squad Bay
  • Rifle Drill
  • Pugil Stick Combat
  • The Obstacle Course
  • The Crucible

There are big benefits to you by knowing the information in Black Friday. Rather than going into Boot Camp not knowing what to expect, you will have an insider edge to all the challenges that await.

Black Friday can help you pass Marine Corps Boot Camp.

What is unique about Black Friday is that you get needed information from a Real Drill Instructor. With Black Friday, you can get the ultimate insurance against failing Boot Camp.

Black Friday is available at and here at

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Black Friday helps get your mind ready for Boot Camp. But if you are not in good physical shape, you still need to get your body ready. Back to the Basics is your solution. Back to the Basics is an authentic military-style workout led by SSgt. Nichols with another Drill Instructor. Experience Boot Camp fitness at home on your own before experiencing it for real at recruit training. Try the sample video below to get a feel for Boot Camp physical training. Then get Back to the Basics to see if you can make it through the 45 minute intense workout. If you can't make it through Back to the Basics, you won't make it through Marine Corps Boot Camp.

Back to Basics

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